LynX Luggage Scanner DV100100


LynX DV 100100 X-ray Luggage Scanner is adopted with new technology featured by computer control and image process
as the core. With higher resolution, clearer image, it is easier to identify contraband. Through setting on software, different metal
objects inside inspected luggage will trigger sound/light alarm, meanwhile highlighted on software interface. The tunnel is
proper in size, occupying a small area, suitable for luggage inspection at airport, customs, railway station, nuclear power
plant, government building, post center, embassy, meeting center, warehouse and etc


Lynx scan 5030c


Highlighted Features: * Multilingual operation* Automatic built in test and self diagnosis * Secure access Key* Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)* Threat alert and material classification* Auto archiving* Network-Ready* Energy saving design* One key turn off* Drugs and explosives inspection* Indication of the date and time* baggage counter

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Persona X Single-Channel   Personnel Security Screening System



  • X-ray scan of full body, imaging clear, sync record
  • Cyclic detection, high speed and highefficiency
  • Wide  detection range,  professional radiation protection design, micro-dose, safe and reliable